Calle +  Calle ArtWear

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The Brand

Calle + Calle created in 2010 by Colombian designer Nicole Vasquez is a unique combination of  timeless leather fashion accessories, hand forged and cast jewelry, furniture and interior design concepts. Our goal is to highlight the beauty and strength of the base materials we use and bring out the rough elegance of these materials in each product.

Our inspirations draw from the elegance and the simple beauty of humble and weathered objects. This appreciation for the modest and unassuming is further enhanced by our fondness for imperfections. Spanish colonial Haciendas, abandoned and derelict Farms and Monasteries  provide the essence of the materials in our designs. These materials have withstood the test of time and through long exposure to the elements have evolved with patinas that gives them their unique souls.The process in which all of our collections are created is simple and primitive, strong and durable, more akin to an era long gone. 

As in all of our work the material used in our jewelry is the base and the soul of every piece. Bronze and Silver forged and cast, beaten and scorched. 

Our furniture, an infinite quest for the refined beauty in our use of recycled products and as in all our creations the enhancement of beauty through the unexpected. 

Every Calle + Calle product has an aged look and rough hewn, time –honored feel that just gets better with each wearing and use.

Calle + Calle only uses the highest quality 100% vegetable tanned cowhides, cured in centuries old methods, each piece made with low tech artisanal methods, rather than with the high tech conformity of mass production precision, making each piece unique. 

Fourth generation saddle makers inspirit a quality of hand stitched perfection rarely seen in modern times. Long forgotten methods of the Nicaraguan blacksmiths and carpenters of the past are brought to life in our ceaseless quest to bring back pride and livelihood to the communities in which we work.